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For beginners it is best to first lay on the middle shelf to the head and feet were on the same level. Even better, the legs were a little higher than the body and head (can substitute a special footrest as a rail). This arrangement facilitates the work of the heart. If you can not lie, it is necessary to sit down, but so that the legs on the same level with the body in a standing position you are at risk.

The first and most unusual feature for our compatriots hamam - the lack of wooden elements, without which it is unthinkable Russian bath. 

The main construction material used for building and finishing of the Turkish hamam - marble. In addition, it can be applied enamels, copper, ceramics, at least - of precious metals.

Before sauna need to take a shower, but be sure to wipe it dry with a towel, and in any case not soak your head, the hair should be dry in order to avoid overheating of the head. 

Some bathers are of the opinion that the first visit to the steam room must be regulated by a certain number of drops of sweat rolled down his nose.